Why Is A German Mail Order Wife Your Choice?


Nowadays it’s really easy to find a bride online worldwide! If you have a soft spot for European women, you definitely must choose ladies from Germany. They seem to have a complete package when it comes to looks and brains. You name it, she has it! Besides having a dazzling smile, tall and slim legs, finely toned body, and emerald-like eyes, they’re […]

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Why should I get with a Switzerland mail order bride?


If you haven’t had the chance to look upon Swiss girls, now’s your chance! We have all the info you’ll ever need about these enticing women. Find out why everyone wants to buy a bride online from Switzerland. What’s the difference between a Switzerland mail order bride and other ones? You might be wondering what makes Swiss girls stand out from the […]

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Puerto Rico Brides: Do’s And Don’ts, Tips, And Reasons To Marry


Why are Puerto Rican wives so favored by European and American men? It’s simple: the girls are fabulously attractive. They’re well-known beauty queens, top models, dancers, and Misses Universe. Women have a look of an extraordinary nature and all because of a huge influence from many different cultures. What are the other reasons to take vows with a Puerto Rico bride? Keep […]

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How does this whole Internet brides thing work? Is it legal? What dating service to choose? If you’ve ever asked yourself at least one of these questions, we will gladly help you right now. Oh, and of course, you will also find thousands of real girls here! Ready? Let’s start!

How does our site work? Our top priorities

Bride-chat.com is a dating site for those who are looking for foreign brides. Here, you’ll find thousands of ladies from all over the world and a full mail-bride guide — our experts will tell you everything you should know about these women.

As for our priorities, everything is very simple: we believe that our customers deserve the best. That’s why we are focused on safety and on giving our customers the best experience. What does it mean?

  • We care about your safety. You will not lose money here — our website is 100% safe and secure, and it uses the latest encryption technologies.
  • We care about the quality. Lots of messaging tools, detailed profiles, real women — as we’ve said, our clients deserve the best.
  • We care about everything. Our customer support team works fast, our website interface is easy-to-use, and our price policy is targeted on saving your money.
  • The site structure is clear and simple
  • All important features are accessible with a few swipes
  • All profiles and photos are available for everyone to see
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  • Many verified Ukrainian hot brides on the site
  • The opportunity to meet Russian women in your area
  • Access to profiles of Slavic pretty girls upon registration
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  • Pre-registration information required
  • Fairly simple to sign up
  • Clear usage and payment terms
  • Advanced search with a lot of options
  • Safe and secure from scammers
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What mail order bride country to choose?

It’s not as simple — you can’t buy a foreign bride because, well, there are almost 200 countries in the world, so you’ll have to choose the country first. Let’s talk about it.


This is the most populated region in the world, so it makes sense that the majority of wanna-be mail brides are Asians. Literally millions of Asian women want to find a man from the US, UK, and other Western countries. These women look exotic, they are quite conservative, well-educated, and they are usually very ambitious.

Latin America

Latinas are sexy, Latinas are hot, and Latinas can make you crazy. But that’s not all — you might be surprised, but they do also make great wives. They are loyal and family-oriented — but don’t forget that they are very emotional sometimes.


We are sure that you’ve already heard about women from Eastern Europe. Slavic girls are extremely beautiful and they are fantastically popular among Western guys… and for a good reason. If you are thinking about dating a Slavic girl right now, don’t hesitate — you are about to make one of the best decisions in your life!

Check Top Mail Order Bride Dating Websites To Chat With Netherlands Mail Order Brides Post ThumbnailHow much time does it take to buy a bride online?

For some people, it takes years to find an ideal woman. The others somehow manage to do it in a few weeks. In our experience, an average man finds a bride in several months (2-4 usually). Here is a simple guide:

  • First, choose country. It’s very simple, actually — if you have a “Yellow Fever”, choose China or Japan. If you prefer Slavic beauties, Ukraine and Poland are for you. If you want to date a hot Latina, think about Brazil or Colombia.
  • Then, find the site. It must be safe, reputable, and cheap. Bride-Chat.com matches all these requirements, by the way!
  • Communicate! The best dating services do usually offer lots of messaging tools. We highly recommend trying a live chat (it’s usually quite cheap) and, of course, video chat (just to make sure that you’re talking to a real lady).
  • Propose and live a happy life with your foreign wife. Every woman is unique, every man is unique — so we are not going to recommend anything here. However, there is one tip that will help all our customers — if you’re going to propose, don’t forget about the customs and traditions of this particular country. There will always be cultural differences, and it’s very important to keep them in mind.

Check Top Mail Order Bride Dating Websites To Chat With Senegal Mail Order Brides Post ThumbnailFAQ

Mail order brides: pricing

There are several stages in this process: from registration to wedding. Here are the prices for each stage (note that all prices are approximate here):

  • Online communication: $200—$1,000. Different dating sites have different pricing policies, but in the majority of cases, the users don’t spend more than $1,000 on credits/premium subscription.
  • Traveling to the destination country: $1,000—$5,000. It depends on the country and on your budget — you can try to save money (it’s possible), you can try to impress your lady with money (it’s possible, too). It’s up to you to choose.
  • Wedding: $2,000-$???. According to our experience, the average wedding cost in the US is $25,000—$35,000, but of course, you can spend more. If you’re going to marry her in her country, the wedding can be much cheaper.

Are mail brides legal?

Yes, they are. You’ll have to complete a questionnaire on your criminal and marital background, she’ll have to agree to permit communication, and she’ll also have to file the I-130 form to get a K-3/K-4 Entry Visa. It’s a time-consuming process, but it’s 100% legal.

Online dating: possible problems and how to avoid them

There are two types of possible online dating problems: scam and fake profiles. It’s very to avoid both of them. The first rule is: never send money to women — unfortunately, there are still some gold-diggers among such ladies. The second rule is: always google the photos — if you see the photo of a woman on other dating sites, it’s probably a fake profile. Block it and forget about it.

Types of women you find on dating sites

If we’re talking about real profiles, there are two types of women here. Most ladies are looking for a long, serious relationship — they are ready to create a family and to have children. Some ladies want to have a one-night stand — well, even if that’s not what you’re looking for it, it’s still fun.

Why should you choose bride-chat.com?

Because we are safe and trustworthy, because we offer reasonable prices, and because we care about our customers. You can’t lose money here, there are no negative reviews, and our clients have never had problems with our website. Bride-chat is not the biggest dating site yet, but it’s certainly one of the best ones!

Mail order bride experience

More than 500 men from the United States have already found love here. Harvey is one of them, and here’s what he says:

Harvey K., 41

I don’t know why I’ve decided to try Bride-chat, but it was a good decision! I’ve seen thousands of Slavic women here, and they all are awesome! I spent something like $400, chatted with 4 girls, and have already booked a flight to Kyiv. Hope to have a good time!