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Turkish ladies seem to be always vibrant and positive. Nevertheless, marriages with Turkish men don’t make them happy.

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Turkish brides are looking for foreign husbands in the hope to escape from the dominant attitude to them. So, let’s dig right in and find brides for you!

Why Turkish brides want to leave their home country?

hot Turkish bride

In Turkey, religion and family rules are usually very strict towards Turkish women. Turkish society isn’t 100% progressive and still sticks to various restrictions and outdated principles. So here’s why Turkish brides search for love abroad.

Religious considerations

Around 99% of Turkish people are Muslims, and they’re known for treating women quite strictly. Not only husbands but also fathers of the Turkish brides either worry about them or mistrust them. That’s why Turkish ladies can’t often go out to parties or friends meetings, they’re considered housekeepers and responsible wives.

High divorce rate

25% of Turkish ladies get a divorce. Such a high level of suspicion and control over Turkish brides, as well as domestic violence, makes them divorce even more often than 10 years ago. Turkish women have a rebellious character, they’ll defend their pride and never be next to an abuser.

Arranged marriages for Turkish mail order brides

Though considered old-fashioned, arranged marriages are still very popular among Muslim countries. Usually, Turkish brides get married to men they barely know, which also results in numerous fights and misunderstandings. Both Turkish men and women are impulsive and that also makes them almost incompatible in marriage.

What should you know about Turkish brides?

Turkish mail order brides

Despite the public attitude, Turkish mail order brides don’t lose their enthusiasm and strive for living their best lives. So what are the traits of Turkish women that drive men crazy?

Turkish brides are independent and earn for living on their own

Almost every Turkish woman won’t stand an idea of being fully dependant upon her husband. Many ladies leave their homes to study abroad so they’re becoming mostly independent at 18-19 years. They usually start having a job and save some money for the future. Many Turkish brides are great at teaching, no matter if it’s maths, Turkish, or dancing.

Turkish mail order brides are great at cooking and serving

Don’t try to show how to make Turkish eggs or breakfast to your Turkish bride — she knows much better. Women there know how to make nutritious and tasty food made of simple ingredients. When the guests arrive, a dinner table can simply collapse because of the amount of food: baklava, meze, pide, kumpir, selection of cheese and meat: everything you can imagine!

Turkish brides combine work and family successfully

Turkish work go up the career ladder, but a family matters more. Even their husbands want a woman to stay at home and look after the children.

Turkish brides are well taught on how to clean the house and raise children, so many of them agree with such a lifestyle, provided a husband earns enough to support the whole family.

Turkish mail order brides have strong bonds with their fathers

It’s a widespread belief in Turkey that to make a great husband, a man should be like a bride’s father. This is a religious dogma in Turkey that a man of the family (father) is the most important person. Many Turkish brides are very attentive to what their fathers say and usually ask them for advice.

Bottom line

Turkish brides are bright and rebellious, but at the same time hospitable and caring. Use this guide to online and get a chance to live happily ever after with your wonderful wife!

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