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Vietnam is an authentic country, though not very rich. It’s famous for its beautiful women, unusual traditions, and serious attitude to establishing families. Vietnamese women are nothing like Korean, Japanese, or Indonesian mail order brides, they’re unique and you’ll feel it yourself.

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The divorce rate in Vietnam is one of the lowest in the world — 0.4/1,000 residents! It’s believed a marriage there happens only once and lasts a lifetime.

Don’t you want to create a bond with such a devoted lady? To meet a perfect Vietnamese bride you don’t need to fly there — you can simply find a bride online. Before you start, read this guide to see what to expect from these exotic women.

Why are Vietnamese mail order brides looking for foreign husbands?

Vietnam is a country that strictly sticks to traditions and professes harsh attitude to women. The economic situation also forces women to get married to a foreigner. Although Vietnam’s economy is gradually growing, over 8% of the total population lives below the national poverty line (which is 9 million Vietnamese).

In rural and urban areas, being poor means earning up to $31 and $40 per month respectively, and it doesn’t seem like earning a bit more improves the situation, especially if you have a big family to provide for.

What are the other reasons for Vietnamese mail order brides to search for love abroad?

Brides from Vietnam want to provide for their families

sexy Vietnamese mail order brides

The Vietnamese society consists of three components: family, community, and a country. Family is a sacred institution and a basic social unit. That’s why Vietnamese wives always try to stay close to parents and support them financially. At this point, women realize it’s better to seek a nice job and life abroad. For them, this means wider opportunities, higher salaries, and happier future for their families.

Foreign husbands don’t require much from Vietnamese ladies

Although the family is the most important thing in Vietnamese brides’ life, living with a local man isn’t that sweet. He needs to know every detail from his woman’s past, her background, education level, career, and if she’s a virgin. He desires to control her life in all the aspects.

Vietnamese brides want to escape from traditional culture

The Vietnamese perception of relationships is that women are submissives and can only look after the house and serve their husbands restlessly. Trọng Nam Khinh Nữ or “gender prejudices” is a very popular problem in Vietnam: men tend to be binge drinking, lazy and act irresponsibly towards women.

What are Vietnamese mail order brides like?

Although Vietnamese women are facing such an attitude in their own country, this doesn’t mean they’re mean or heartless.

Vietnamese wives follow Confucius doctrine

Vietnamese culture was influenced by Confucius who’d written the four characteristics of an ideal woman:

  • công (housekeeping skills): only a perfect woman can handle cooking Pho Bo, cleaning the house and looking after kids simultaneously;
  • dung (beauty): it’s believed in Vietnam there are no unattractive women, there are only those who don’t know how to be beautiful;
  • ngôn (speech): you can tell a woman is educated by the way she talks;
  • hạnh (moral conduct): a Vietnamese bride has good manners and treats everyone with respect.

Vietnamese girls are progressive in many spheres

Although traditional in terms of marriages and families, Vietnamese women are now more “westernized”. They look at what a modern woman in the US or Europe is like. Now, Vietnamese ladies participate in beauty contests and fashion shows. у Still, they always find time to attend the gym before work to keep fit.

Vietnamese mail order brides are good at managing money

hot Vietnamese brides

While Slavic women like spending money, the Vietnamese ladies are attentive to it, like Western Europeans. Due to the economic situation, many people are used to living on a tight budget, and Vietnamese brides always save some money for the future.

Vietnamese wives are loyal to men

There are three principles every Vietnamese bride sticks to:

  • Before marriage, a woman submits to her father.
  • During a marriage, a woman submits to her husband.
  • If a woman is widowed, she submits to her son.

Wrapping up

So, Vietnam brides are unique ladies and differ from other Asians like Thai, Korean, or Indonesian mail order brides. They’re traditional and modern at the same time. Exploring them might become the most memorable adventure of your life.

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