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Indonesian mail order brides are pure treasures for men who want to end up with their single status. Their popularity in online dating steadily grows.

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What is the character of Indonesian girls? What are the core concepts of their cultures? This article contains answers to those questions.

The character of Indonesian brides

brides from Indonesia

Indonesian brides’ character is something that attracts men all over the world. Find out about their traits.

They are creative

Indonesian people are in love with the arts. It can be seen everywhere, even in the smallest things in the strings. The mix of cultures and religions made a diverse culture that accompanies the everyday life of Indonesians. Traditional dances, textiles, and carvings – that’s not the complete list of Indonesian people’s skills. Indonesian brides don’t just do something – they try to make it a masterpiece. This idea is embodied in their looking and the world around them.

They are passionate

Love to the world is a core part of a happy life, according to Indonesians. They do their labor with joy and dedication no matter the job. Indonesian people believe life is a gift, so you should use it at its best. It means you should choose a job, a friend, a partner, a place to love. Indonesian brides are passionate about their families as well as chosen activities. They are never bored with their decisions.

They are helpful

You shouldn’t leave someone in need – that’s what Indonesian children are taught since childhood. Indonesians are used to taking care of each other in a community. They are careful about other people’s needs. These people are ready to give the last they have to help. Indonesian wives don’t leave their husbands in trouble. Instead, they’ll do all to assist him in surviving through the hard times.

Particularities of Indonesian culture

hot Indonesian brides

Which concepts are central to the Indonesian culture? There are some of them.

Saving face

Saving face is the cultural concept widespread in the Asian region. For people there, face embodies reputation, dignity, honor, and influence. If you compliment a person and show respect, you give this person a face. In the same line, a face can be lost, saved, or built. This idea explains why Indonesian people are so careful about interacting with others. They do all to avoid arguments and conflicts not to violate face.


Indonesian people are very superstitious and mystical. Perhaps, it’s because this country has 6 religions within its borders. Along with that, there are hundreds of traditional belief systems like animism and totemism. Therefore, Indonesians have lots of celebration days, legends, holy places, and opinions. They try to listen to the world around them because of subjugation to nature.


Harmony is an inevitable part of Indonesian lives as it’s a guiding philosophy. Indonesian people try to act in harmony in many life spheres. In work, harmony is a crucial element for productivity. At home, it’s fundamental for a happy life together. Indonesian brides prefer avoiding conflicts so as not to violate the balance between two. Indonesian people are those who value relations more than truth.

How to behave with an Indonesian bride?

Read out the points on right behavior towards an Indonesian girl:

  • Show respect towards her and the people around. Indonesian brides are very tolerant. So they appreciate such behavior.
  • Be attentive to what she is saying. It’s essential to understand the values of your future wife, moreover, if she is from a country of mixed beliefs.
  • Don’t stand with hands on hips. It means anger or threat in Indonesian culture.
  • Don’t show your soles of shoes while sitting. It constitutes an offense.

Find your Indonesian mail order bride online!

Charming, calm, and helpful – this is how men describe their Indonesian mail order wives. Do you dream about such a girl? Indonesian brides wait for you! buy a bride online.

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