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North Korean Mail Order Brides & Women For Dating

North Korea is a conservative country where everything and everyone has to follow the rules not to stand out among others. It is practically impossible to have relationships with women who live in that country. However, many of them were lucky enough to go abroad to study and never returned to the country. Thus, North Korean brides can be met across the globe and, of course, online. Dating websites allow you to communicate with ladies from the most reserved countries. So, dating a North Korean lady is quite real; you will just need to put in some effort. Local ladies have numerous outstanding qualities and unique appearances. These ladies are brave yet tender, so they’ll become perfect girlfriends for guys who want to have supportive partners by their side. You can check out our rating with the best mail order brides and dating sites to see where you can find your perfect lover!

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North Korean dating customs

Dating North Korean mail order brides is unlike dating even a South Korean lady because their mentalities and cultural backgrounds vary to a great extent. When speaking about North Korea marriage age, girls are allowed to get married at 18, which is quite early. However, many of them prefer to “tie the knot” when they are young because society demands it. It is crucial to mention certain specificities you will face when dating local ladies, so some of them include:

beautiful north korean bride in dress

  • A local lady isn’t really emotional. It is unlikely that you will hear or see that they are in love with you. However, she will show her affection in other ways, like cooking something for you or making sure your clothes are tidy.
  • They are rather reserved. North Korean brides are conservative in their speech and gestures.
  • Some women might have a basic level of English. In case they have moved out of the country not long ago, it might be quite complicated for you to understand each other.

Thus, a Western man might be surprised by how his North Korean lover behaves and expresses her feelings because their cultures are completely different. However, it takes time for both of them to adjust to each other and take things easier.

Main reasons to date a North Korean woman

It is worth to get started by answering the question: “Can you marry a North Korean?” Without going into detail, one can say, yes, you can. However, several constraints have to be taken into account. For example, the one that the country is actually okay with the fact that local women will marry foreigners. However, a man has to pay a certain sum of money for “the country’s projects,” or, in other words, to redeem the lady. Nevertheless, there are easier ways to build relationships with women from North Korea.

beautiful north korean girl in jacket

As we have already mentioned, many North Korea mail order brides leave the country to study abroad. Thus, you can easily meet the representatives of this state in the USA or Europe. It is much easier to date them because they understand they have more freedom in other countries. As for the most significant reasons to date these ladies, they are the following:

  • They are respectful. In North Korea, people are taught to respect their leader and conform to social norms, so a lady will be modest yet determined.
  • They have great time-management skills. As they have to do everything under the strict control in North Korea, women are used to spending every minute with benefit and are able to get thousands of things done within a day.
  • They are vigorous. In the country, foreign brides in North Korea are not allowed to dress and behave the way they want to, but many find the courage to oppose the regime. So, you can be sure you have a bold and strong woman by your side who, despite all, wants to be loved and cared for.

Therefore, North Korean wives might need time to get used to the Western way of living because, in their native land, things are done contrastingly. However, if a man shows his support and affection to the lady, he will be able to turn a reserved woman into a tender lady.

Why North Korean brides choose to date foreign guys

North Korean mail order wife wants to live in a country where her opinions will be taken into account and where men will not be afraid to talk about her feelings. Living under the regime is challenging, and it is understandable that ladies dream of having better living conditions.

pretty north korean bride smiling

Moreover, North Korean wedding culture is rather odd as well, so ladies aim to avoid that event and find a decent Western man before their parents tell them it’s time to get married. As we already know, this is a conservative country, so let’s see what makes ladies dream of dating foreigners:

  • They want to have equality in relationships. Local guys usually never pay attention to what their women say, and ladies, in their turn, demand recognition and some basic respect.
  • They don’t want to conform to the rules. Each person is unique, and it’s impossible to live under control all the time. Thus, North Korean wife wants to go abroad for studying and stay there forever.
  • They want to stay in touch with the outer world. In the country, the Internet is rare, and a few people have mobile phones. So, local ladies know that Western men can provide them with wider opportunities.

These are the most common causes, but many others depend on a specific lady.


Thus, North Korean girls are quite impervious because of the country they come from. However, love has no borders, and if you want to meet a woman from this country, you definitely will!

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