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Stunning African Mail Order Brides & Women For Dating

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If you feel like African beauty is what was missing from your life — look at our rating of the best mail order brides and dating sites. Our list will help you choose the best country for African brides and a reliable site for a safe and positive experience.

Best African Mail Order Brides & Dating Sites

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The beauty of African mail order brides is not up for any debate. But those ladies have much more to offer than just stunning looks. They are so kind-hearted, talented, open-minded, and optimistic. With such a lady by your side, you will always feel supported, as they value their family and invest a lot of time and energy in it.

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How much does an African mail order bride cost?

How much does an African bride cost? To answer this question, you need to understand one thing: there is no such thing as an “African bride price”. The point is, Africa is a large continent with 54 countries. Obviously, you can ignore at least half of them here because the odds are very low that you would search for a wife in Somalia, Burundi, South Sudan, or the Central African Republic. As for the other countries, the African bride price might differ drastically — but here, we’ll talk about the top 3 African bride countries: Egypt, Nigeria, and Ghana.

But first, you’ll have to pay for the premium membership on a dating website (most of them are not free to use). This will cost you $80-$120 per month on average, but it depends on the site and on the services you are going to use — thus, if you spend hours in a video chat, you’ll probably need to pay 2, 3, or 5 times more.

Premium membership is only a small part of a total African bride cost — sooner or later, you’ll need to go to Africa, to spend some time there (at least 2 weeks!), and to pay for a visa if you want to take your African bride to the US. Here’s a table for top 3 African bride countries:

Country Tickets Hotel  Food Transportation Entertainment Visa
Egypt $700 $360 $170 $100 $370 $2,500
Nigeria $900 $280 $80 $55 $140 $2,500
Ghana $1,100 $360 $170 $200 $150 $2,500
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Peculiarities of African women dating culture

African dating culture is not the same as the traditional Western one. That makes exploring it extra important. Here are three peculiarities of West African brides dating that you need to be aware of before jumping into it:

  • Religion is a significant influence. Beautiful South Africa brides grew up in a religious background that helped them have traditional good values. The majority of African girls for marriage are Christians (63%) or Muslims (30%). So, don’t be surprised if your girl will ask you to go to the church or mosque with her.
  • Family & Friends’ opinions matter. With girls for marriage from Africa for sale, you need to know that they cherish and value the opinion of their close ones. So, she’ll probably test you through her family and friends to see if you are in the relationship for the long run. Also, expect a lot of unannounced visits.
  • Emotional & Financial stability. West African ladies want to be sure of their partner, both emotionally and financially. This means that she might expect you to pay quite a lot for their expenses like shopping and beauty stuff during dating.

Main Reasons to Date & To Mail Order African Brides

South African women for marriage are, without a doubt, stunning, but that is far from everything that they have up their sleeve. No wonder why dating with African beauties is so popular.

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To understand why you should try dating a girl from Africa, let’s explore the peculiarities of their personality and values. Here are some other things that are great about them:

  • Great variety of women types — When you think about South African mail order brides, you almost immediately imagine caramel-skinned hottie with gorgeous dark curly hair and dark eyes. But the truth is that many white South African females may have blond hair or blue eyes. They have European or Middle East ancestry.
  • Loyal — If you are searching for a committed relationship with a supportive partner, someone you could love deeply and who’ll share your values and goals, then South African brides should be your top choice.
  • Perfect homemakers — From cooking to cleaning, girls from Africa are raised to believe that a woman must take care of the household and her man. That is a reason why so many Westerns want to meet an African mail order wife.

Why African women choose to date foreign guys?

Undoubtedly, ladies from Africa like foreign men and find them very intriguing. In recent years, Westerns and especially Americans have become desired husbands, but why?

Many African beauties consider western men to be better than locals, but the reasoning for that can be different. We gathered the main ones to help you understand why these girls are looking for love abroad.

  1. South Africa brides are attracted to men that have it all ‘figured out,’ and foreign guys seem to fit the description. Financial stability and an air of success are a huge turn on.
  2. Foreign men usually can provide a better life. Every woman wants only the best for herself and her future kids, that is why they tend to choose men that can give that. Foreign men, as a rule, give more stability and strive to provide for their families.
  3. Stunning African wife is very accepting and tolerant. She loves the mix of cultures that comes with international relationships and has no problem creating something new in-between both cultures that works for her family.

To sum up

Intercultural dating might be intimidating at first glance, but the more you get to explore each other’s cultures, the more you’ll see that it’s totally worth it. That’s why if you were having doubts about whether African dating will work for you. Choose the best country for African mail order brides, find a reliable dating site, and grab your chance for happiness.

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