Why Belarusian Brides Are So Irresistible?


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People usually tend to think that Belarus, Russia and Ukraine are almost the same: their people’s mentality, cuisine, traditions… and ladies. Nevertheless, it’s quite a popular confusion and has nothing to do with the truth. Here, we have picked for you the top-8 reasons why Belarus wives rule.

Reason 1. Belarusian ladies are very sensible

sexy Belarusian girl

Smart is the new sexy. The Belarusian girls are real proof for it. What’s interesting, women in Belarus are more educated than men! Moreover, 60% of them know English, and at least 63% of them speak German. They are literate, love reading books and they always can support any topic for a conversation. Belarusian women are always up-to-date with what’s going on in the world, so you can always talk about politics or economics, art, latest fashion trends, or the release of a new music album by The 1975. See, you’ll never get bored with them!

Reason 2. They are extremely beautiful

This is not only about appearance: it’s also their inner beauty that lies in kindness, open-mindedness, loyalty and honesty. If we talk about their physical beauty, it’s exquisite. Most of the Belarusian ladies have big blues eyes, thin waist, long legs and blonde hair. This may sound stereotypical, but the first impression is made upon the way a woman looks, so you’ll definitely be charmed by the Belarusian girls. They are sexy Slavic women that have something more than just beauty to offer you.

Reason 3. Belarusian women are family-oriented

Dating foreign ladies can be risky as you can’t always be sure what a girl wants from this relationship. But if you find a Belarusian wife, she will definitely want to make a family and have a lifelong love story with you. Almost every girl from Belarus dreams of getting married to a nice man, have kids and take care of her family and home. It’s all about commitment and love.

Reason 4. They are responsible and capable of multi-tasking

You will be surprised by how Belarusian women are capable of doing everything at once. Literally, everything. They have a job, do household chores, take care of kids and still get some spare time for cooking and looking after themselves.

You’ll never be hungry, your house and kids will always be clean and tidy, and your wife will always look pretty and happy if you give your love to her.

Reason 5. They are tall, strong, and healthy

Belarusian girls are historically very healthy and resistant to illnesses. Moreover, they are tall and strong: they do sports from the very childhood (gymnastics, swimming, ballet dancing) and try to keep a healthy diet. As a result, they are considered to be long-livers, so having a Belarusian wife will give a good genetic base for your children.

Reason 6. Belarusian ladies are more independent

hot Belarusian wives

Belarusian women are more determined and competitive, too. What makes them different from Ukrainian and Russian women is their willingness to always improve and achieve more all the time. At the same time, they are tender and want to be taken care of, although they can defend and look after themselves alone.

Reason 7. They are stylish

Dress to impress. That’s how you can describe Belarusian girls. They can wear plain clothes but look superb anyway. Moreover, they don’t use too much make-up so they always look natural, and that makes them even more beautiful.

Reason 8. They are always cheerful and positive

Belarusian ladies have a good sense of humor and that helps them make a joke out of any bad situation in their lives.

So, if you are upset or tired after a long day at work, your beloved Belarusian wife will do her best to cheer you up. They are also easy-going and don’t keep any offense to themselves. You will have a happy and positive relationship with a Belarusian lady.

Wrapping up

This is what makes Belarusian girls outstanding and charming. So, don’t hesitate, take a look at the Belarus mail order brides available and good luck finding the love of your life!

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