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Pakistani women are still facing gender segregation, but not to the extent it used to be decades ago. Nowadays, Pakistani brides are granted somewhat more freedom and rights, and this is a big win for them.

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What kind of life are Pakistani women living now and why they’re worth having them as partners for life? Let’s clarify what you should know to buy a bride online from Pakistan.

What is the life of Pakistani brides nowadays?

sexy Pakistani mail order brides

In 1947 Pakistani women’s social status has improved a little after years of feminine activism. What has changed since then and how are Pakistani brides perceived now?

Pakistani brides have more rights and better jobs

In Pakistan, most of the citizens are Muslims, and women are perceived as “worse” people compared to men. That’s why they used to get paid less for the same jobs men had.

But now, especially in urban areas, Pakistani women are getting higher salaries and better jobs helping them to provide for themselves and their families. Social interaction and recognition is no longer a taboo for Pakistani brides.

Pakistani wives are becoming more educated

Owing to globalization and improvement of the economic situation in Pakistan, women there can get a higher education and have access to various technologies and services like online dating websites, online courses, etc. They adore communicating via SMS texting, however, they’re active social media users too.

The literacy rate is constantly improving in Pakistan. Now, around 47% of Pakistani brides are literate and know English on a sufficient level, so there won’t be communication issues.

What are the main traits of Pakistani mail order brides?

Although there are more than 15 main ethnicities in Pakistan (and even 73 languages!), there are some similar traits among women from different groups. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Pakistani brides are crafty

hot Pakistani girl

Did you know Pakistani women are super handy at crafts? And this not only includes embroidery! Some of the traditional crafts in Pakistan are copper work, calligraphy in Arabic, blue pottery, and wood carving. Have you ever heard of camel-skin lamps? Maybe she’ll make one for you too.

Pakistani wives are religiously hospitable

It’s true: under Islam, a person must show respect and love to any guest of their home. Muslims believe guests are a blessing from God, so they’re treated the best way possible. Your friends will feel like home visiting your place.

Pakistani mail order brides are modest but hot-tempered

In a positive way, Pakistani women don’t chill. They love feasts and holidays, meeting friends, and gathering for a big dinner. Spicy Pakistani women make their traditional food hot too: kebabs, harissa, chicken karahi, and even lassi (yogurt drink) are made with spices!

Pakistani brides love big weddings

At a traditional Pakistani wedding, you’ll see how diverse a country’s culture is. Folk music, mouth-watering food, massively decorated stages, many guests. And all that lasts for 3-6 days! Imagine your wedding like this with a Pakistani bride?

Wrapping up

Although Pakistani wives still don’t enjoy totally equal rights, they’re striving for self-development and are very good at housekeeping, crafts and cooking. Pakistani women know how to treat their husbands and other people, so be sure you’ll find a perfect wife there!

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